What do I do now that my ex told me the truth?

My ex finally told me the truth on why he broke up with me (other reason is invalid now). He said he honestly isn't ready for a relationship and doesn't want one anymore because he wants to fulfill his dreams for the times that he will be able to in his life, especially before all of his debt from school hits him (he is graduating in December). He is 23 and he said he doesn't want to settle and have a long-term relationship until his late 20's/early 30's. He was fine with me until it hit him that he would be graduating school later this year and I would still have another two years (but we go to the same school and we're even from the same hometown). As much as I care about him and still love him, I know a relationship is out of the question but I still want him around at least as a friend for now, which I have no clue why honestly. I have no idea why he still wants me around in his life either though he told me when we first broke up that it's a good thing for me if he still wants me around after dating/getting into a relationship with me. That was about two and a half months ago. He basically begged me to stay in his life because, well I don't believe the original reasons anymore. He also told me that I honestly did nothing wrong, there were no problems inside the relationship and that I was such an incredible girl and all-around person and to never over think any of those things. He said he made a great choice on asking me to be his girlfriend and the past school year was so much better with me in it.

Does he really think I'm going to stick around (even as a friend) if he gets a new girlfriend, even years down the line? I couldn't deal with something like that because to me it shows me that I wasn't good enough for a relationship but somebody else is. What do I do? Is there something he's not telling me?

We talk everyday but we don't hang out anymore.


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  • The old proverb applies here... “If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours; if they don't they never were.” You will push him away if you try to control him. He needs to learn whet he lost. He will, if you guys had a great thing then he will learn the hard way what he gave up.


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