Why does my ex act like this when we break up? Any ideas would help a lot!?

My ex is so weird. We were dating for the past 4 years. I was her first for everything. Well we broke up a year back and she started dating a rebound a few weeks after. Then broke up with him and we got back together. We just broke up again and now she's dating another rebound and doing the same thing she did last time, talk about how much she likes him, how he's so perfect, etc. I don't check on her, (couldn't if I wanted to, she blocked everything) but somehow it comes back through the grapevine back to me. What's her issue? Why does she do this every time we break up? Any ideas would be nice.


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  • Its her way of avoiding being "hurt". Plus she probably wants to piss you off.

  • Well, you guys had a very long realtionship. Plus you are her first in everything and girls tend to get an emotional attachment , were just made like that. So she still cares about you a lot and it sounds like you still care about her too because you guys get back together again and again. She may be telling you about the rebound guy a lot because either she wantes you to see her with someone & you will get jealous or she wants to appear like she's moved on but I think its the first one cuz you guys get back together again. Hope this helps. :)


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