Will she contact me & is it odd that she returned to town without telling me?

My ex and I got into an intense conversation last Thursday [Yes, I still want her back] . Basically, I was on my way to Austin, TX for 4th of July and she didn't seem pleased by it at all. She basically interrogated me about going on this vacation with friends. She then dropped an emotional bomb on me by explaining that her aunt is very sick with what could be cancer & her mother has to go in for scanning soon. Needless to say, I reacted by trying to console her. But, I was met with comments like "You are going to party" "You don't need to worry about this" & "I don't want to damper your trip".

Strangely enough, I noticed via instagram that she was in Dallas visiting her eldest sister on the 4th of July. She, also posted a photo with her mother in Dallas

This Monday I sent her text saying that I was here if she needed someone to talk to and that I know that our conversation was pretty intense. I never received a reply back and yesterday I found out that she had returned to town [My gut tells me that her mother is with her at the moment. But, I can't confirm this] . Since our breakup [In late May] she has openly said that she wants to have a face to face conversation when she returns.

My question is: Is she possibly still made that I went somewhere for the 4th? Also, am I doing something wrong by not initiating conversation with her because she never replied to my original text?


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  • Yea she's mad. But you'll have to live with that. She's trying to guilt trip you and it's your choice whether or not to play that game. Because you want her back, I think you should continue to console her through her tough times even if she doesn't respond to you. I'd text her twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. if she sees that you still care then she'll come around eventually.

    • I figured she was made from the moment I mentioned that I was on "on the road to Austin". It somewhat sketches me out that she's so mysterious about some things. The conversation immediately flipped and she came off short with me.

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