Why is my exes best friend stalking me online?

My ex and I broke up in January after a year and 3 month relationship that was part of a 5 year on and off thing. One of his best friends is a girl that lives with us (she's a lesbian and is really nice) and me and her were just sort of friends. We'd talking and go out to eat but we stopped communicating once I moved out. Well all of the sudden she started to stalk me on an old app I introduced her to called "Meetme. com". And anytime my ex and I speak or we have to be in the same room she starts looking at my profile (it shows who views your page). Why is she doing this? It's getting kind of creepy..


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  • You already know why, she's just crazy about you. So why not simply shut her out of your life? If you let her obsession build, you're going to be sleepless at night - you got to get rid of the psycho's.

    • But I know for a fact that she's not into me. She's had the same girlfriend for like a year.

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    • Well what other info do you need? And she's a really nice girl just kinda worried and a little creeped out that she keeps checking out my page instead of just sending a quick message if she wanted to talk. She was a really cool person.

    • Okay, I still can't tell you why in a Leibnizian sense, but I can tell you that persons who have an obsessive/needy nature are not the kind of people you want around you. There's a reason for this neediness/obsession, she's not socially apt, having a gf or bf doesn't exclude you from the weirdo club, if I were you, I'd be fucking scared. Who cares why she's stalking you? It only ends up badly.

      But if you want a wild guess? Maybe she was raped as a child, maybe she was bullied excessively at school, maybe she choose to like women because she was teased about not getting boys in J. H., these are just guesses. But bad experiences do shape how we turn out to be presently, and whatever screwed up life she has that's making her refreshing whatever profile page you got, that is FREAKY.

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  • Sounds like she is stalking you. Don't let that go on too long. Check her. Hope that helps


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