Are divorced guys lonelier than normal?

My man has been divorced for over a year and separated for over two. No contact with his ex. They never had kids.

He told me he misses having someone to hold and told me even before his marriage he always had relationships that were long term.

He said he took a break from serious dating after his split but after some time off he is ready because he wants to be with someone in a relationship. And start a family one day.

He is a very loving and affectionate guy. Super caring. I am extremely insecure since I dated men who were not loving and who were emotionally vacant. This guy is so sweet and kind and the best man I ever had. But I sometimes get scared.

I worry that he is lonely and sad because he admitted he missed having someone special in his life and someone to hold at night. I can tell that he is really hungry for affection and love. So am I. But I'm so scared that he will wake up one day and say he never really cared about me and just wanted a placeholder.

He told me he is ready for a real relationship again. Only he can know that. And I can tell that the divorce was hard and deep down he is sad from it. But that's normal. He doesn't act bitter or angry and he really is getting to know me for me.

So why am I so scared? I just fear that he is lonely and jumping to me to fill a broken heart, or that he is too sad to be in a relationship that's real. But he told me he's ok and ready for one. How can I calm myself down? He seems genuinely committed to making this work and I am not used to someone so emotionally available and loving and sweet. It scares me like it's all going to be a dream and not real.

Why am I so insecure?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I'd say you've got nothing to be scared of. He sounds like a good man.
    If he just wanted someone to fill a loneliness void, he would have done that long ago. He didn't, and took some time to get his thoughts together instead. He doesn't want to risk making another mistake. It can be tough to shut yourself off from the world like that, especially if you've got so much love to give to the right person.

    If you're genuine, I'm sure he will appreciate it. He's not likely to just get up one day and forget it.
    Go for it, and don't look back.


What Girls Said 1

  • You are scared because you have something that you care about "him" and you don't want to loose him and it scares you. You see him evey day, do you really believe that he is in to you, if yes then great that you two found each other and I hope you have a long happy life together


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