Should I stay or should I go? Fight for someone or just give up?

I’m from Argentina and have been living in Mexico for the last 3 years, where i met my ex, 2 years ago.. I was at that time his dream girl, we used to work together and truth be told I actually intimidated him at that time, so much that I ended up making the first move. The 2 years where a whirl wind, we fell in love, moved in together and bought a dog. It was great.. until we started fighting about the little things. We broke up, or better yet, he broke up with me. Obviously I couldn’t move on.. partially because we work together and it’s really hard to get over someone if you have to see him every day. 4 months later we started seeing each other again.. it’s been ok, but he isn’t as into it as before, and it’s really hard to live with that considering i’m more in love than ever.

The hard part is that i feel like i’m putting my life on pause.. I need to either move forward with my relationship to make something out of it or simply leave and go back to Argentina where all of my friends and family are. So we decided to give it exactly one more month, one month to see if at the end of the month he starts feeling what he used to feel for me or if it just won’t ever work again. in that month the idea es too truly live our relationship to the fullest, see what we get out of it…

What do you guys think? Should I give this month a try or should I just leave with my dignity still in place? I feel that if I stop fighting at this point I would be giving up and later would have regrets.. But at the same time I'm not really sure I can do something to change how he feels about me. What could I do to actually make him feel what he felt for me before? Is it possible?
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  • Look at things from a LONG term point of view. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Nuff said.


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  • Try it. What is the worst thing that could happen? Si falla, vuelva a Argentina.
    Pero trata no pelear sobre las cosas chicas.


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