My ex is giving em mixed signals are we worth fighting for? I said yes and he doesn't know?

At the end of my freshman year of collage my bf of 5 years descided to break up with me the day I got home (this past May) bc I "wasn't supportive during his parents divorce and love is based on more than time" note that the divorce happened during my finals week. Fast forward to today with lat night phone calls of him being upset and me comforting him. Him saying he made a mistake and wants to get back together when he heals. Nights of driving over to make sure he's okay that ended in making out, phone calls that lasts hours , and texts every single day in between. Well this past week we got into a fight bc he wanted to go out one night and I was in for clothes (khakis and my store's logo collar shirt) and I didn't want to go without changing. Well apparently that made him "realize why we broke up". Which I don't think it's valid bc I didn't want to go out smelling like insect chemicals. All the past week he gave me the cold shoulder and one word texts and tonight he got weirder. He called this morning and we talked and actually had a great conversation but he said he had to go. 5 hours later he texts me and throws up a bunch of reasons we shouldn't be together but then proceeded to tell me he'd do anything to go back in time and change things and that he will always love me. and that "our love was too unique". I don't know what the hell is going on with him but I told him what ever he chose I love him and support him and he hasn't texted back for 4 hours.


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  • Oh boy. It sounds like to me that your ex is giving you the run around. Where one minute he wants you and the next he's giving the cold shoulder. He tells you he loves you and the next giving reasons why your unique love can't be. Which is stupid. All of it. If you want to pursue a relationship with your ex, tread carefully. You hold all the cards.

    • but how do I hold all the cards? what can i do to push him to one side of the fence?

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    • but he deosnt know what he wants. he says he loves me but when i ask if he wants to be with me he says he doesn't know

    • There's not much you can do to make him go on one side of the fence. You can give him an ultimatum and see where he stands. Hope it works out

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