I'm heart broken with a man from the past?

I went through a complete emotional break down I was suicidal and had a pill addiction. Right before it happened I started dating a guy and he was there for me every moment I wanted to basically die, he was also overbearingly in love with me. And I liked him he ended up breaking up with me but we stayed together for a few months and at the end of the period we were ending he posted a ton of pictures if him with other women on his blog. One where he was kissing a girl on the cheek. I don't know if it was an effort to make me jelous (were both a little insane like that) but I ended up just overdosing and forgetting about it. I never told him about the over dose. In fact we didn't speak for 10 months now I texted him because now that I've strengthened my self and worked out a lot of my problems I decided to appoligise to him. Now this might sound crazy but I can't get the fact out of my mind that maybe he still cares maybe he loves me because im so hopelessly in love with him it's eating me from the inside but his blog seems like he is hopelessly in love with me. Now I'm just waiting to see if he ever calls or texts me. It's been a week tell me what to do
We did text for a few days but he never replied when I asked what he thought of me


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  • Do nothing, you texted him now the balls in his court. So wait and see, but honestly if its already been a week then chances are he's seen the message and chose to ignore it in which case texting him again is pointless. Its been ten months, its probably time to move on. I wish you luck.

  • You are a small baeby :)
    Heyy i understand how painful that is but please understand that stupid guy is not in to you now.
    You know this is so common at your age.
    You will get better guy than him one day!


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