Why do couples have shared Facebook accounts and share phones?

My ex of 3 years left for a 17 year old he cheated with, they've been together a few months now and I'm also expecting a baby boy to my ex. Anyway, since his gf came along, the first day they made it public on FB they were together, she posted a photo of herself saying "I won" on his Facebook wall. Then after I had a go at her for ruining my family, within a week she moves in with him, he told me she got kicked out of where she was living. Then, she shuts down her Facebook and is now joined on his Facebook and the cover photos are always of her, she's constantly rubbing the relationship in my face with constant couple photos and when I've tried to contact him she would always have his phone and reply back rudely and block me. I don't know how she pulled this one off but the mother loves her, and she says horrible things about me and it's rubbed off on my ex he also now says nasty things. Why on earth is she behaving this way? Wouldn't she at least feel slightly guilty for tearing apart my family and me getting left pregnant? Whys she constantly rubbing it in? It's so horrible


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  • That's terrible :( Unfortunately some people are just evil. be strong :-) Thats all you can do


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  • Yes she should feel guilty that is not right and if she is being nasty and you want it to end so you and your child have peace is set up a harassing report and that should do it. And with your ex girlfriend rubbing off on him I don't know it just happens and all you can do it try to fix it try to tell her you and him need a serious talk and maybe he will consider it and then you can take the next step to trying to fix this. And why people post that relationship bull shit I have no idea she has no life and nothing better to do so that is what she feels like doing to rub it in your face hope it was helpful and any questions ask away :)

    • The sad thing is I can't contact him at all she has blocked me, they now live 3 hours away so I'm just hoping that he realises what she is like. But naturally I laid into her verbally after breaking up my family and that's when she went nasty. To show you what I mean, their Facebook is called david n tash they live in New Zealand, and her one is tasha van mierlo also from New Zealand if you can see their facebooked you will have a full idea of what I mean by rubbing it right in my face :-( x

    • I looked them up and yes I see what you mean I am very sorry she should not be rubbing it in your face it is not right. I also saw that she was the profile picture to his Facebook and I see what you mean just keep your head held high your tiara is falling :)

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