Guys what does it mean when you contact an ex after not talking to her for half the year?

So guys say you work at the same place as your ex and you dump her because it isn't the right time and you have family issues going on, you stop talking to her because she asked you not to talk to her. At first your angry you both are, then you start acting all sad and grumpy, then when you see her you walk passed her with out saying anything, you still make eye contact with her across the room and check her out. then when you are close to her you start turning your body away from her when your walking passed her and make it obvious your avoding her. Then out of the blue your attitude towards her changes and you start walking passed her without doing this, then you start hanging around where she does but your uncomfortable. Then
one day you walk passed her and to other work mates and
say hi to them and not her then out of the blue oneday you say hi to her and this goes on for the next 2 days and one day your watching her and when she is close to you, you have a big smile on your face and say hi to her. Now when ever your close enough you say hi and actually manage small talk. WTF is going through your head and what are you likely to do next? Do you still have feelings for her and you dont want to admit it are you missing her? Are you afraid of rejection? Some suggestions would be good
Main reason that they broke up neither of them were ready and both have said that they felt it wasn't the right time. Plus issues on both sides, eg family


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  • I would never go back to an EX no matter what. This guy here might want to get back into the reelationship but the thing to worry about is completely different. I think he broke up not because of some family stuff but coz of some other girl who has left him and that's why he's trying to get you back. If he's doing that, so cheap of him... if my friend were in your place I'd tell her to move on.


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