Why won't ex boyfriend talk to me if he wanted to still be friends?

I had a long distance relationship with my ex for 6 months. We argued a lot towards the end and I suggested breaking up a few times but never had the guts to do it. He didn't want to break up. He knows that after I broke up with my last bf I blocked him on Facebook and have never looked back. He said that if we break up it would suck coz he knows I would just cut him out of my life and put him in my past like what I did with my ex.

During a huge fight we had it was the last straw for me and I broke it off. I knew I couldn't turn back and to make it a clean break I blocked him on facebook. I knew it was harsh but if I didn't do that I would have gone back to him. When I broke it off he said we should break up if that's what I want. He never tried to contact me after our break up.

I emailed him a week later apologising for the harshness of the break up but that I think it was best for us and said that maybe we can still be friends if he wants since he wasn't a bad guy unlike my ex. I also unblocked him on fb but haven't sent a friend request. It's been a month and he hasn't replied. I've been away on holiday during the break up and I did say in my email that maybe we can talk once I get back home which will be in a weeks time.

Do you think he still wants to talk to me?


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  • No, not after all that he doesn't. Besides any of that, though, once you break up with a guy, very rarely do they want to talk to you much, if ever, again. Add your blocking him into that, you hurt his pride. You can't do that and expect to still hear back.


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