I don't know what he is thinking, but why all of a sudden the change? What might have happened? It's like he broke up with me?

I have a very close friend of mine with whom I played games with for a very long time. We watched eachother's back in game and we talked for hours each day. We got pretty close and flirted from time to time. He told me I was an irreplaceable friend and if I ever left, he would miss me. He made me promise to go visit him and all this stuff and I felt like we would be friends or maybe more for a very long time.
All of a sudden one day, he turns cold and started pushing me away saying that he needs a break from our gaming. I get worried because he's never pushed me away or been mean before.. so I kept asking him every other day if he was okay. He got mad and said he just needed time alone, but gave no reasons. (My fault - I should have left him be). But then he started being very mean towards me, saying mean things, stopped coming online altogether and avoided me. I was in shock and asked him why he is doing this and what I did because I certainly didn't deserve any of the mean things he said. Finally last week, he told me he didn't care if we ever spoke again. He doesn't care if we are friends.. so I deleted him from all our games and left. The next morning he sends me a song lyrics as his goodbye that had things like "I'll take you down, dont mess with us".. whatever that was supposed to mean? It was rude and cruel and I gave him what he wanted and he's still being mean then. What happened to my friend? I miss him.. I had a dream last night that he killed me in our game instead of saving me (he did this the last week I tried to talk to him when we played). Now it's haunting me in my sleep.. He just watched me die.. while I cried bleeding on the ground. What do I do? This is really affecting me.


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  • Apparently, your 'Close friend' Grew Cold duck feet and got scared, quickly waddling into the murky waters. He got Nervous about his feelings, feeling his feathers ruffle up because it was hard for him to handle, and this is why he most likley 'Needs a break from our gaming.'
    Let him go for awhile, give him some space, sweetie. His rude and crude behavior is no excuse of course, but it's his way of venting on you because he doesn't know how to wheel and deal with these feelings Nor the situation at hand. It ptobably hit him unexpectedly and now, and even with this 'song lyrics as his goodbye,' he's trying to break Free altogether of your precious friendship, and if it means being 'rude and cruel,' he doesn't give a thought right now if he 'watched me die... while I cried bleeding on the ground.' He most likely is thinking of his own 'Bleeding heart.'
    Don't contact him at this time. Wait and see if he gets in touch with you. He may be just Angry at himself for having lost his head and heart over Who he had always thought was just an 'irreplaceable friend.' However, I believe he is missing you, and that when he is ready to talk, you both may be 'gaming' again. However, what will be in your cards from then on, only time will tell.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks Paris. xx I just feel really lost, but I guess in time this will pass too.

    • You're so very welcome.. I do hope everything works out for you. xx

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