Men... please explain this to me... if you had a new woman living with you, would you ever need to contact your ex?

My ex has been texting me more frequently over the past couple of weeks. The past day or so we have been talking about our previous sex life and the problems with it. He came to see me today and told me that he had been sleeping around with a married woman. Her husband found out and kicked out of the house. My ex felt bad and let her move in with him. So again I'll ask why in Gods name is he contacting me and why did he come to see me today?


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  • He's a general dirtbag. He's getting ready to ditch the married chick drama, but wants to set up a booty reserve first.


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  • are we talking about you and your ex or there is a third person too?

    • My ex has a new woman living with him and came to see me today. Says he's only wanted sex and w/ an unhappily married woman, he was getting it... well, apparently he got more than he bargained for and she got kicked out of her home when her husband found out.

    • may be its a burden on your ex to live with that women and now your ex is looking forward to dump her and wants you back, im not sure though

    • I don't think that's it at all... I just don't get the reason he's texting me and came by to say "hi" today. We've been broken up for close to a year and he's been banging the married chick since late winter... I just don't get it.

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