Broke up with bf via text, am I going to hear back from him?

I broke up with my bf via text today. Before you say text is a cowardly way of ending things, know that he hasn't been answering my calls so text is the only way I could think of. He was giving me the silent treatment.

I know I shouldn't care about whether he replies to me or not but I do care. We've been together for 2 years and this just seems like a really shitty way to end things. But I couldn't deal with the silent treatment anymore.

Do you think he'll get back to me somehow or is it really over just like this?


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  • Depends on what kind of guy he his. With no further info, I'd say he'll probably respond before too long.

    • I hope he does. I'm very needy and sad right now. I'll be ok with time but I just wish I could hear from him

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    • They generally do...

    • Thanks for mho

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  • Why was he ignoring you? Th if he won't answer your calls and you can't catch him in person I don't blame you for dumping him over text. He sounds very immature and silky.

    • Over something so stupid and it's such a misunderstanding. But how can I explain if he doesn't talk to me? And he's done this in the past, giving me the silent treatment for stupid things. I guess this time I just had enough

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  • breaking up with text message is never ever ok -_- that is a complete NO NO (unless of course if the guy was abusive). That being said exceptions can be made ^^
    i don't think you will hear from him in any capacity. But in your situation if he was giving a silent treatment not answering you or avoiding you then a text is absolutely fine. But i don't think he'll respond,,,, only with an angry voicemail or text. A part of you feels bad about that obviously, but that silent crap sucks for any couple

    • I told him to come get his stuff so I was kinda expecting a reply and haven't gotten one. I'm just very needy right now because I'm so sad about this you know?

    • oh i completely understand. And the silent treatment just makes it that much worse... no one should have to go through that... and i never put anyone through that, its just wrong

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