Ladies if you got a friendly text from an ex?

You were together a long time. Things got a little hairy for a minute after the break up because you made a mess. You knew how he felt about you and even still loved him but broke his heart pretty big and were seeing someone else. some time has passed and you get a light hearted message along the lines of "hey saw something that reminded me of you/funny memory etc.. hope everything's good". How would you take it? Push you away? Or would be friendly about it?


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  • If I was already in a relationship, I would not engage in the conversation out of respect for my boyfriend.


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  • I would probably be somewhat friendly about it but weary at the same time. I would most likely be thinking what his motives were and it would also depend on how long it had been and how hard it hurt me.

  • I think I would just be rude. As in like "what the fuck do you want?" type of thing.


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