What do you do when you have deep feelings of loneliness?

How do you look after yourself?

I don't have friends and I don't have family. I have made a massive mistake and it has all surfaced, and I am more alone than ever.


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  • Well, I like to go outside among trees
    lie down and look up at the sun shining through the leafs

    trying to find a spot without other people around
    is the hard part, as peace and quiet is important to this
    all stress just fades away like the wind.

    If you're the type of person who finds sitting still
    difficult, and you have that feeling of needing to do something
    then you could also look through that big library in your head
    for a hobby, you can focus on.

    Like, do you like to paint? you could also start
    running, not only is it good to move, as blood
    and oxygen will start to run through your body.

    But you may also find friends who enjoy the
    same activities :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • ok. first off. ur mistake is not as bad as u think it is. u can say it is, but i can assure u its not. it ain't the end of the world.
    iv been there.
    this is what i do. when I'm alone, i think ok.. i have no one. i have no oneā€¦. but ME. what do i do with that?
    i look at my mistake and think 'where did i go wrong? what can i learn? how can i fix this?

    i then begin to focus on ME. self improvement, every single damn day. do not sleep until u know u hav improved a tiny part of urself. when u begin to love urself and progress on ur own character, u will become infectious and others will b drawn to u, trust me.

    all u need is a little self examination and ur set. good luck! xx


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  • there are superficial and commercial answers to your question...
    like... hey why don't you buy a cat or you should join a support group... or why don't you put extra mirrors in your house so you don't feel so alone...

    but then there's a reality: I try to immerse myself in my writing; and block out the sounds and images of other people interacting. but it's nearly impossible they're everywhere... on the Internet in the streets on TV... and then there's that moment of silence that helps me realize
    all this noise and turbulence going on around me; ... is actually a buffer. A distraction from sitting and thinking Wow I remember what my life used to be like now I hate happy people... and I didn't used to be that way...

    I want things to be like they used to be I was perfectly happy when I hated everybody; not just happy people

    socially from riches to rags. I had love it broke and faded... I had family we were so close and did everything together holidays birthdays movie nights... we all lived within 20 miles of each other and don't call or communicate at all for days or weeks at a time.
    so I take all of this and suppress it and live in denial... I go out into the world as an insincere shell of my happy self. and lament about the multitude of friends and family I used to know... this helps me embrace and appreciate the handful of people still in my life.

    there's more but they say our words are limited... I believe the question was what do I do... that's what I do!

    • never stop reaching out... no matter what
      remember the person you used to be?

      it's still you... that person is still inside!

      I have not been on the site long.
      but one thing I've learned in my short time here. there are a lot of friendly people willing to help.

      it may be quite cliche... but remember a stranger is just a friend you haven't met.

      a friend is a shoulder to cry on an ear to listen or a hand to hold... always just a click away

  • I wish I could help you be in a better position :) my prayers & good will in the least are with you :)

    Well I sleep the feeling off and when I wake up I'm a new and inspired guy. Sitting on something doesn't help, it's always this point forward for me :) Mistakes we all make, but taking things forward afresh is a choice most time :)

  • Play music, and then sing along to it. Maybe dance along to it too.
    Go to the library, and pick a book. Horror or science fantasy.
    Go Youtube, look for funny kittens videos.
    Put on running shoes, sprint around the neighbourhood at top speed until you're breathless. Then lie down on the grass and feel the wind blow.

  • A lot of mental strength is needed to live alone its easy to say anyone to go away but whem they do you are left alone and doesn't know why are u living I made that mistake once and I am left out with no friends but still I manage to live alone by these kind of social networking site and lots of books :)

  • try to be with yourself. you have to move from loneliness to aloneness.

    the basic reason of loneliness is discontentment inside. by gathering people around you can forget that but cannot make that disappear. when people go you will again find something to make you busy so that again you could forget yourself. this will continue and you will never know why are you not getting satisfied.

    answer does not lie outside.

    • Nice answer. Aloneness.

  • Usually the opposite, like throw on sad OST music and make myself feel worse. It seems therapy might benefit you on dealing with your ghosts from the past.

  • Get a pet dog to keep you company. (:
    They are sweet animals and will always be there for you.

    • I've got a dog and two cats. Maybe a fish?

    • I doubt a fish would help, lol.
      For me, I try to console myself by reaching out and knowing others who share this sad reality and talk to them. (:
      Because most people won't really give a damn about another, so specially find lonely souls too and chat with them. Perhaps you can try this?

      Last resort, just sleep.

    • No way, fishes are too boring!

  • Usually people catastrophize mistakes.

    What is that mistake?

  • Continue according to your usual plan.

  • I talk to the birds outside.


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  • Multiply the feeling tenfold. Spend a free day completely isolated; for me it's either lay in bed sulking and crying it all out or going to a deserted, serene spot in the forest /park whatever and meditating. I find that it usually ends up clearing my system of feelings for a while so that I can finally think rationally.

  • I talk to random strangers online. It's not like I give out my personal information or tell them my full life story. It's just nice to have someone listening.

    • I understand that. There is one person I want to talk to, but they're not available and it is understandable why they are not.

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    • Somewhat. But they are focused on the outcome of my bad decision. I don't deserve their time or focus.

    • If he/she is a good friend then I'm sure they would like to hear from you. Just in case you feel too lonely , there are a lot of people online who would love to talk to you. I can message you if you want. Everyone goes through this at some point but you are never really alone. There is always someone there, you just have to notice them.

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