Did I do the right thing by dumping my ex girlfriend?

Just some background info. my ex and I are both 18, living with our parents and graduated from High School. She is Jewish and I am a christian.

We can call her Susie, just to hide names, ya know.

Susie is extremely close nit with her family, she tells her mother and father everything that is going on with her life, while I on the other hand go out of my way to not include my parents in my life. I feel it is just easier that way, as they don't butt in with their opinion or anything like that.

Ok, so my susie and I started dating a few months before high school ended. It was great, we saw each other every day, in class, before and after school. I took her out nearly every weekend to the movies.

(She told her mom about us the first day I asked her out. My mom didn't find out about us until gf made it Facebook official)

Then we graduated. and things started to go downhill.

My mom made a couple of Jewish jokes to me and I laughed and told my gf. I didn't think it mattered, because gf made jewish jokes all the time.

During one of our late night calls, I wasn't thinking and I told Susie the joke. She laughed and I thought all was well.

A few days pass, and every time I talked to Susie she was great and happy. But I talked to her sisters, and they said she was really upset and in tears.

I confronted her about it and she denied being upset.

Then I went to her house, and her mom sat me down and talked to me, saying the joke my mom made, really offended her and my ex. To the point where it made her cry.

Susie's mom then said she was not allowed to go to my house anymore.

I told my mom this and my mom got pissed, and said I was not allowed to go to Susies house anymore...

So I am sitting there, I can't go to her house, and she can't come to mine, and she is upset.

Long story short, I broke up with her because being with me made her unhappy.

After I did it I felt absolutely terrible.

Did I do the right thing?


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  • I think she wasn't mature enough to be in a relationship. It's ok to tell some things to your parents if you're really close, but to tell every little detail to them? Just unnecessary. And she tried to hide the fact that she was upset - also a sign that she was too immature for a relationship. When you're in a relationship with someone, you're supposed to communicate with each other. If someone does something that the other person doesn't approve of, he or she needs to speak up about it. Not hide their true feelings and then go to mommy and cry. She was simply not ready yet, which ended up in her causing a lot of unnecessary drama; not just between the two of you, but between your parents as well. You did the right thing.


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  • there's no such thing as an easy break up. It willand you will second guess your self rerepeatedly. I think she needs to mature more, it was a joke. She should know it wasn't spitful. I have a few Jewish freinds, I make jew jokes he makes fat jokes. Its all fun and games. I say move on


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  • She totally overreacted and what was even weirder is that she told her family and created all this drama! Big red flag there, good thing you saw it now. This girl is a big time drama queen - stay away!


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  • You did the right thing.
    She isn't mature enough.
    You will be alright dude , just yourself busy in some activities.


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