How do you get a girl to trust you again after you broke her heart?

My ex girlfriend and I found true love. Because of this, we hurt each other deeply by our actions. Her intense jealousy made me walk out and out of pure sadness and anger, I went into a rebound relationship planning never to go back. The new girl did things for me that were quite amazing that my ex gf never did and made me appreciate her tremendously. My ex gf came to beg me back and after several days I told her I would come back. At the same time my new gf was getting crazy upset about the situation and I felt terrible dragging someone innocent into my problems. I told my ex gf to give me a little time to let the new girl down easily. My heart was not with her too. During this time though, I unintentionally let my ex gf suffer despite contacting her everyday to try to comfort her and tell her that this will never happen again and that I was sorry. This was the most miserable time of my life, between two girls and letting my true love suffer. I was coming back. After about 2 weeks, I told my ex gf that I wanted us to get back together and fix everything and leave the past behind. She rejected me and said she needed to think things through. 2 weeks later she got a new boyfriend and says that he saved her from killing herself. She seems to never trust me now even though she admits she still loves me, misses me and that the new girl is luckier than her. I told her that I learned a huge lesson from all of this but she is in disbelief and says it will happen again. I know how it feels to lose someone you really loved... How can I ever let something bad happen again? She simply does not trust me. Is there ANYWAY at all to get around this?
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She says she feels safe with her new boyfriend and that he protects her better than I did.


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  • In a situation like this you're going to have to just stop. Trust is the main thing that is needed when it comes to relationships or possible ones she needs someone that makes her feel stable safe and secure and right now she has that, id say to give it time and space let her relationship run its course and in the mean time try and come around only now and then to let her know you still care and are serious about wanting to be in her life again start small such as txtn good morning or I hope you have a great day today or how are you, I hope everything is well and I miss you

    You do that and you'll be sure to keep you on her mind and who knows she might come back around but from your point of view she definitely sounds prettt hurt and its for sure going to tak some time for her to heal


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  • You just posted this question but typed it out differently... the answer is still the exact same as before. Let it go. She moved on and you probably should too.

  • I think that you do have a chance, but it's honestly so hard to get the trust back, you left her. She will always be afraid you will do it again.


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