She left to be with someone she likes?

(She's 18 I'm 21) I was with a girl and got busy with work (military life) she was busy with school and we could only talk over the phone (she's japanese, I'm American so it's basically texting) I was talking about meeting her on some day we were both free since I was finishing up the crap is been dealing with and she said that she had found a boy she likes and she thought of me as a friend not a boyfriend
I talked for a little bit about it and she said that I was the most responsible man for her and yada yada ended it by saying I'd like to stay friends after a week of not hearing from her I asked if she would like to meet up it was after her birthday and I already had gotten her stuff so we meet up I took her to a few nice places go carts, glass making, some Hawaiian cafe, beach and to a place were we sat and watched a little of the sunset.
I took her home and we stood there for a minute then she brought up that she couldn't be with me and it sortof came out talking and me asking about if we would be together sometime. She said she didn't know if we would or when and so on but she wanted to be friends.
The next day I messaged about the glass things that we made and asked if she'd like to meet again and I'd give her that and we can go do something fun. She said that she couldn't meet me again. My responds of course was 'now we can't meet', and I asked if it was something dealing with her parents (not liking white people or something).
Well the I sent my final message to her basically i said: I don't understand, you told me before you loved me and that you wanted this to be forever, now I can be there and return your feelings. You traded someone you had those feelings for for someone you like and that doesn't make sense. whatever contact you want with me tell me and if you have a change of heart you know how to reach me.
It's been a couple weeks do you think she will want me back?


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  • Don't hold your breath. She said you couldn't be together, she met someone else. She knows you have feelings for her.

    So it's easier for her to stay away and let you move on. I recommend that's what you do.


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