My ex boyfriend is trying to make me feel guilty for "calling it off"?

Just a few minutes ago, I broke up with my boyfriend. He's been a petty person, he tricked me into dating him (I drank underage for awhile, and he waited until I was drunk to ask me to date him, because when I got drunk, I tended to be very vulnerable), and he's lied to me so many times. Now, he's saying he's going to hurt himself because I broke up with him.

What do I do?


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  • He is the kind of person to play the blame game and guilt trip you. Honestly you should feel proud of it, doesn't matter if he's pretty if he treats ya like dirt.

    Him asking you to date when you were impaired is a huge red flag itself that just shows he's willing to take advantage of you. Once a liar always a liar and you should not have to put up with any of that.

    As for him blaming you? he is trying to take advantage of you and guilt trip you back into a very toxic relationship. Whatever you do try to avoid him as much as you can especially if you choose to go drinking because he will take advantage you you being drunk.

    Good luck


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  • Let him hurt himself. You don't deserve a lying creep who schemes to get a girl to date him.

    Short answer but do just that for your own good lest you regret not doing so for a long time :)

    Good luck young lady :)

  • Nothing. He is putting guilt on you because he took advantage of you? You're better off without him. If he hurts himself it has nothing to do with you. It's his immaturity, stupidity and selfishness.


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