What is something as casual kissing?

My boyfriend went to oslo for work and met this girl who became a good friend of his. But recently he confessed that he invited her over for a dinner.. arranged wine and candle lit his apartment for her. And after dinner they had this kissing and pecking session but he resissited sleeping with her as he thought he was cheating on me. He said the dinner part was because he just wanted to have a good time because things had been rough between us for sometime and what followed was inevitable because of the wine. After having met me this sometime ago he says now that he has come out clear with me he seriously wants to give this girl a try. I cried foul about cheating but he says that he in no way is in a relationship with her and though they kiss and make out regularly, it is perfectly normal doing so without being in a relationship in that part of the world! I am just disgusted by the way he talks.


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  • Okay, let's get this clear. He's having candles, a table, wine and a girl outside of the relationship alone in his house - that screams intent to me. A kiss on the cheek isn't cheating, but multiple kisses at the mouth is blatant. So what, he wants to see someone else, dump him - why is he worth your time? No need to condemn him, who cares, he wants to date someone else, you could also find someone else, why are you hurting yourself? This post is represents a well-defined problem - shouldn't you be happy? Some people have problems which are so perplexing they don't know what to do, but you've got the solution.

    • That is so rightly said.. but he doesn't let me go.. We grew up together and have been best friends.. i agree we had a rough patch but what he is doing is clearly not justified.. is it? He does not let me cut contact and being with him is torture.. he does not even admit that he is in any kind of relationship with this girl though they meet like so regularly at his apartment too! :((

    • Trust me, break up, aba ba ba NO BUTS! Just dump him now. If you do it, he'll respect you for it. Maybe you could give him a second chance in what? 3 months? 6 months? NOT 1 month, just dump him and make it clear that you're not going to get treated dirt cheap. If I had a friend doing this to me, that friend would rather be in hell. Trust me. Know your self-worth.

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  • It's cheating plain and simple. he purposefully created a romantic atmosphere and then proceeded to make out with her. Sounds like its not the first time either. Obviously your morals and ethics are different then his, that kind of thing can make for a difficult relationship.

  • Its not so casual also. He clearly seems swayed by that girl. He should understand your feelings also as well when he is in a relationship. You might tell him that in that case choose the other girl because you are clearly NOT a CHOICE.


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