Have any of you ever had an affair and if so, did anything good come out of it?

My ex informed me he has been having an affair with a married coworker. He claims he was just in it for the sex. Well, he got more out of it... her husband found out and kicked her out. So my ex let her move in with him. I can just imagine how this will end... ugh!!! Anyone have any stories?


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  • I had. Any thing good? sorry but not. My girlfriend found out and left me now we both are heartbroken and the other girls who had boyfriend also is the only winner.

    • I can't see anything good coming out of this. But my main question is... why is my EX coming to see me to tell me this in person? we are BROKEN UP!!! Does that make any sense?

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    • Huh?

    • Thank you because of select mine as Most Helpful Opinion.

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  • Yes, I did have an affair with a married woman. I was young and stupid - no excuse, I know. At the time we both new it was wrong. For me, though, she was attractive, funny, had a great laugh. She was unhappy with her marriage and my every instinct was to protect her. Honestly, I loved her.

    Worse, she ended up getting pregnant and I desperately wanted her to keep the baby. She refused and I was crushed. (It probably wasn't very realistic for her to keep the baby. She was African-American and I am white. Not like her husband, even if he had assumed the baby was his - a long shot at that point in their marriage - it would not have taken long for him to figure things out.)

    She called it off after she had the abortion - which she did without telling me After that, I went through a very bad patch. It was like out of a movie - I was drinking too much for a while. I got in a car accident where, luckily, no one was hurt, but put a DUI on the record.

    Luckily, it ended up that she stayed with her husband and although we don't talk anymore, I do know that they saved their marriage. For my part, I have never been able to forgive myself and always wonder about the baby I never knew.

    My story ended better than I deserved. I met a beautiful girl who I have lived with - we are not married - for over ten years now. We have three beautiful children together and I have never been happier. She - and the kids - are my whole world. My girlfriend has been understanding and compassionate and I am deeply grateful for the love she has shown me. Love in a way that I sometimes feel like I don't deserve.

    So something good did come out of it, but getting there the cost was really high.

  • No, I stayed on the safe side.

    • I don't understand.

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    • Good for you. Nothing good can ever come from it. :(

    • The proof of the pudding is in the eating. I didn't taste that pudding. :)

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  • I cheated on an ex once - blacked out and only reason I even know I did was because I woke up naked after an apparent three some. It actually helped the relationship I was in. The guy and I had only been together for three weeks, he broke up with me but instantly missed me and realized that he wanted me in his life. We were together for three and a half years after that... Unfortunately this same guy dumped me a month ago so he could sleep around.

    • Sorry to hear that. Why do you think my EX felt the need to come to my house to tell me this in person? We are BROKEN UP!!! He has NO reason to be contacting me AT ALL!!! Right?

    • Maybe he didn't want you to hear it from someone else? Or maybe he is just an asshole who wants to rub it in your face. There isn't a need for him to be coming to tell you that when your relationship ended over that.

    • Nooooo... we've been broken up for close to a year. He didn't leave me for her. Which makes even less sense. Does he need to be contacting me at all? No!!!

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