Ex goes out of his way to send me mean texts and be rude, yet tells my friends he loves me as a friend just doesn't see me as someone he would marry?

My ex and I had a rocky breakup because of a mistake I made (we had previously broken up and I slept with another guy in the break up). He now goes out of his way to send me pics of him and other girls, says he wants me to hurt like I hurt him, and calls me mean names.

At the same time, he slips to me sometimes that he truly cares, saying he loves me, and telling me to be safe when I go out. (I'm not responding to him anymore).

He has now gone to tell my friends he only loves me as a friend, and not someone he would want to marry. But if this was the case, he would not be so hurt as to try to make me jealous or hurt. If he really "only loved me as a friend" he would not go out of his way to try to make me hurt.

In addition, he gets livid when he thinks I'm talking to other guys, and says things like "screw you and your new boyfriend." Like he doesn't want me to move on.

So what's going on in this guys head? And how do I help him cope with my mistake, so we can move on through this?


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  • He sounds jealous and he's not over you. And whenever you move on to another guy it pulls you further and further from him, which is why he has a hard time.

    Let him know that you're still sorry for how things ended and that you want to help him move past this.

    • I've apologized so many times. He has stated that he will never date me again- in addition to all the other horrible things he's said.

      What should I do? I can't be expected to sit and wait around for something that may never be again. I don't want to move on and risk losing him but I don't want to not, and waste my time waiting for no one.

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    • So I don't know how to help with that.

    • Me neither. lmao
      Uhm, let him know that you're sorry and that the only thing to make this better is time.

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