"We need to talk" The girl I have been dating for the past 3 months dropped these words on a me a few days ago?

Hi, first time doing this, hopefully I put all the relevant details.

The girl I have been dating for the past 3 months recently text me saying "We need to talk". For some background I will say that we work together in a professional environment and see each other at work 3 times a week. We keep things very professional at work and keep flirting and such at home or on dates. We started dating about 3 months after her mother passed away as well. As far as i can tell we have always had a very strong mutual attraction/connection and have a great time out on dates. Here is where it starts to go down hill. She has been pushing back our pre planned dates for 2-3 hours so she can hang out with her friends then come hang out with me. She has always been a yes person and can't say no to people. Also i understand that her mothers death is tough on her and she likes to confide in her friends. But she always does this last minute with no explanation. I just recieve a text saying "I'm still out with So and So can we meet up at 8?" this is instead of the 6 o'clock date we had planned. this has happened 4 times.

The 4th time i didn't even get that much of an explanation. Just a "I'm sorry i'm still out with so and so... maybe you should hate me" I confronted her about it in front of her friends (admitedly not the best move) and we had an arguement. I felt we resolved some issues that day and hung out the rest of the day after that. That was 2 weeks ago and we haven't hung out since. We see each other at work and have small text conversations daily or every other day. At a certain point I took a step back to give her time.

Now 3 days ago she sends me a text saying "I am not sure if you are trying to give me space or not but i appreciate it. Also I guess i'll be the one to say it. It's pretty clear we need to talk" I replied saying I was giving her space and that i had made some mistakes. she answered 'she appreciates it and she made mistakes too." So how bad is it?
Well, we broke up. She came to my place and we had a decent talk. It was amiable, but I miss her a lot. We work together so I see her almost daily and just want to be with her again, but I knew this was a possibility at the start. Need to stay tough


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  • Inconclusive. She could want to work things out. Or she wants a break. Try talking it out with her. And that should make it better

  • it seems like either she wants to get closer again or is unsure about your relationship. i can't tell which one.

  • Not sure how bad it is. Doesn't seem to be that way. You guys seriously need to communicate though in a mature way about the problem.


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