I don't know what went wrong!

Basically I was with this guy for 8 months and he played me, i was head over heels for him and would litterally have done anything for him, i was there for him when he needed me and i cared about him soo much! we have been through so much together and for him to play me like this is horrible, I dont really want to message him but i want him to know that i am finished and I can't take it anymore, i need something to say that would make him understand and be like woah i messed up! please help!


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  • How did he play you?

    • He basically has been keeping me on the down low so that he could flirt and interact with other girls. :/ For example, he told me that he wanted me to "bedazzle" his instagram but he would delete my comments once he saw them, because he didn't want my comments up of him "seeming" taking, when he was, if another girl was to see it, it would lower his options of getting her.

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    • Uggh guys :p but ya, he sounds like an asshole sadly. I'm hfy cuz I know how hard this situation is

    • he is a complete asshole, we just broke up, and guess what, he didn't care! talking about oh i couldve had other guys on the side, like what the fvck i was completely faithful to you! you're only saying that because you probably have someone! uggh, i am done with him! :c but thanks soo much. i appreciate the help!

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  • Tell him sorry babe but you need to get check out at the clinic


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