My ex just told his new girl he's still talking to me his ex... what now?

So as the question says... is this a good thing.. shld I not read to much. into it... him and I still have seen each other even after the breakup for so long I told him he neededto tell that girl but he didn't want to.. but he finally told her.. I hope this is a good sign.. guys give me some advice as well what cld this mean?


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  • umm... my ex and i have been best friends after break up. he got a new girlfriend after some time. my ex her told her that he was still friends with me, and quite frankly, he spent more time with me than he did with her. she got insecure. she told him to stop seeing me. he didn't have a choice at that moment, he did as she said. but after a while he started missing his best friend, me. so we were talking again. but his girlfriend found out and broke up with him. now he was guilty, he felt terrible around me. and once again we stopped talking.
    i sincerely hope that something like this doesn't happen to you guys. but my advice would be that you distance yourself from him a bit. it's really illogical for exes to be friends. it makes things complicated. i wish you best of luck. :)

    • Yeah he has said it himself he spends more time with me then the new girl.. I dnt understand I've know him for 2 years and he knows the new girl for less than 2 mths.. it sucks he wld even consider what his gf says now... this is the thing Everytime we were together he wld end up like we were together.. now ima see what to do next... ughh this sucks im so heartbroken and confused

    • Stay strong! Look, my ex did the same thing with me. We've known each other like, forever, we've been in the same school, same class. And this girl came along just a year ago. And he chose her over me. And if your guy is doing something similar, then you should know that if he's choosing her over you then he does not understand how special, how perfect you are. And if he doesn't realize that, then he doesn't deserve you. And if he doesn't deserve you, then you shouldn't waste your time grieving about him. :) find happiness in yourself. You don't need him to make you happy. :) you're better than that. :)

    • Aww thanks so much... yes your right... I need to realize exactly what you said... I dnt deserve this

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