Need advice! Need closure from ex so I can move on!?

Ugh. I hate myself for even still thinking about this jerk. Long story short I was with a guy for almost a year. It's been over 6 months! He broke up with me on my 30th birthday over the phone. His excuse was lousy and he came up with a dumb story about me cheating, which was 100% false. His friends tell me he freaks out over commitment and was getting a lot of pressure from his family. I was having chronic health issues. He lost his job and was overwhelmed. We were just got back from a trip to see my family that my dad paid for. 3 days before he broke up with me I saw the mother of his child. He won't speak to me at all. He's 32 and moved back in with mommy. Unfortunately my health went downhill and I am now bedridden. I still get upset by the thought of him. I'm very sick and I cannot stop thinking about him. How can I get closure to end this? I need to have it. It's killing me. I have a huge heart and I gave it all to him and he has done more than hurt me. I can't go to his house because he lives with his mom. The day before he broke up with me he talked about moving in with him and he even talked about marriage a lot. I'm pretty sure he battles depression and he has low self esteem. He did text me last week to see how I was doing. Then, he stopped texting me and won't respond. How can I get him to talk to me? What the heck do I do?
Thank you!


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  • First Don't reply to any more of his messages. Find songs that make you feel good about your self&listen to them.

    do things that make you feel good about yourself. Take a class. Or find a hobby. I was depressed after some family issues (not the same thing I know, but close. My mom is a pretty shitty mom and my health went down hill because of it: depression, anorexia, panic attacks, etc) what really helped me was volunteering at an animal shelter even a few days a week. And if you can't do the animals there are tons of organizations in your community that could use a helping hand I'm sure!

    Also, make sure you get out of bed for a little while everyday, and try to leave your house everyday, even just a walk to your mail box. And get dressed up for no reason at all other than you deserve to feel special.
    Message me if you need to talk (:


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