Feeling like I made a mistake getting married?

im a married man of nearly 2 years, i love my wife but i feel like i made a mistake getting married. there is also this girl from my past that i can't get out of my head and i recently had to put a stop to talking to her because it was messing with my head. will the thought of her and me feeling like a i made a mistake go? i always seem to go back to the girl from my past even though i have stopped contact with her many times over the years


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  • well for a married MAN you are signed up as a girl on here

    • lol didn't notice that will try and change

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  • If you are feeling you shouldn't be married then you need to not be married. It's not fair to your wife and if you don't get out now then things will be worse when it all comes out.

    • i go through stages where im happy and not happy with her, but i feel due to cultural reasons that i need to try at my marriage. im thinking to myself that all people that are married have these doubts?

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    • due to my cultural beliefs i can't live with a woman until i get married so i was 23 and stuck at home and so i got married i obviously loved her but i do think it was a mistake to rush it now. no we dont have kids yet, she wants them now but i want to hold off a ffew years. i really do want to try at this marriage, i just get the feeling that most people dont feel like they have ever made a mistake getting married and especially within the first two years. i do wish i could have lived with her before marriage but i dongt think we would have made it, its the commitment of marriage that is making me want to try and have a happy marriage. were the first couple of years in your marriage hard work or?

    • Good, wait for kids. It will complicate things even more. It's hard adjusting living with a new person, especially a person of the opposite sex. The first 6 months was the hardest. Adjusting to the other person and still trying to make yourself comfortable. Good for you that you are willing to try! most people would have just walked away. Where are you from?

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