I'm trying to understand where I messed up and what happened?

hi all,

so few months back me and this girl broke up. here's what happened: i flt she started to change and she wasn't the sweet person i used to know. she became more mean, and distant. then she started to mention how work was stressful because her good guy friend, who just came out of a relationship, was screwing with one of her co-workers (apparently) and she got upset why they never ask her to go out with her because she was the one who brought them all together. then after she came back one night from a nights out with them, she tells me how her guy friend asked her co-worker to come over and she then asked me if they would be hooking up, and that was kind of bothering her. then she mentions how her guy friend would come into the office and not even greet her anymore but going straight to her co-worker, which upset her. i thought, why the fuck does she care so much, forget about it, and she became more of a bitch to me though. i sat her down and asked her how she felt about us, and we were just dating for about 10 months now. she said she felt i wasn't serious with her for a long time, and she wasn't sure about me anymore, but wanted to see me. i couldn't believe it. i was right, she changed. she tells me it might hurt me if we kept seeing each other but she wanted to try. all of this coinciding with her best guy friend turning single and screwing with her co-worker. we eventually broke up because i apparently pressured her too much asking how much she wanted me and if she had feelings for someone else. i said some stupid things and she said she needed space. all i'm thinking now, in hindsight though, could it been her screwing with him? saying it was her co-worker to see how i feel about the situation?


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  • I really dont know. Perhaps it could have been a cover story. But I also see she was not treating you well of all she could talk about was her 2 friends screwing. Good you got out of that one. I gope next time you find a girl that really appreciates you and respects you. Oh and you too respect her lol. Good luck :)


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  • She was seeing the other guy. Sucks, but he was who she was after and you were in the way. Rather than have to be the bad one and tell you straight up, she treated you bad to make you go away. Don't waste any more time or thought on her, she isn't on you.


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