How do you get over someone when you see them almost every day?

Let's just say I lost a good friend of mine and someone I care about alot.

I think I'm at the point where his stupidity regarding the importance of showing them that they matter to you instead of assuming they should "know" that they do is enough to just make me want to not try.

I feel bad some days of wanting to part ways from someone I used to be able to call a good friend and be confident in that and now I'm just labeling something that isn't true anymore.

Not that he's a bad friend he's just always been bad at developing any kind of relationship wether it be familial, dating, friendship, professional he never makes it obvious that you matter. He will go hours or days not reaching out to you and then wonder why you don't want anything to do with him.

can you blame the guy for having that as a fault? I don't know but these are the kind of thoughts I've been having for months.

I don't know if its time to let go but I don't want to have a conversationw ith him about it because he just won't get it. I know he won't.

So I either have to be patient with him and lead by example or I have to some how let him go.

The other problem is, if I let him go... how can i do that effectively when I met him through our career. I see him everyday 40-50 hours a week.

So what should I do? I can provide more explanation if requested.
  • Be patient and lead by example
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  • Let him go
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  • Have a talk with him even if you don't want to (Miracles happen)
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  • Don't let him go but do what he does to everyone back to him
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Rarrr he sounds like me, I go months without speaking to family members and friends. :/

    • well he'll go hours but you can be in the same room as him, alone and he will not talk to you he'll just fiddle with something or eventually leave or just sit there. His excuse is cause the other person isn't saying anything or they seem like they don't want to talk. When 75% of the time his perception is always WRONG. He just never initiates unless his standard formula of "getting to know you" will work but if he doesn't think it will work (which he has no basis for thinking that) then he won't ever try. He will just let things get worse.

    • Oh that's bad, I am not that bad.

    • yeah he's really bad. If his way of getting to know you doesn't work, he will just give up. When in fact, he needs to understand his "tactic" isn't going to work with everyone. So you have to adapt. But that learning process never occurs to him. He literally will just give up and then wonder what THEIR problem is.

      that's why im frustrated because his "getting to know you" thing stopped working, that's because he doesn't need to keep trying to do it, all he has to do is talk to me like a normal person. But nope he keeps doing his standard jokes and getting to know you tactics and when he noticed i didn't laugh at the same damn jokes again, he assumed i wasn't too fond of him and he stopped trying and makes an effort only when i do. I just want to smack him in the head cause all he has to do is approach me, ask how i am... anything... something. Ugh.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Give him a last chance.
    Talk to him. BE BRUTUALLY HONEST!
    If he still doesn't get it, ignore him. Maybe say hi but that's it.

    • I dont want to talk to him anymore, we've had various versions of the same conversation many manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy times and he just doesn't "understand" maybe its some brain flaw he has. He just doesn't get human emotion he's like a Sheldon Cooper if you watch Big Bang Theory. He's exactly like that on a emotional/human interaction stand point. He just will never get it but i find myself just not caring if he'll never get it. He just always seems to disappointment me without even trying.

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    • HAHA... well so far its working he hasn't said anything in 3 hours haha. See how dumb it is. You have someone RIGHT there... and you say nothing...

    • Well keep it up!

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  • Seems similar to my case... Hope I m nt the guy :P

    • haha no because your not in his age bracket.

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    • he wasn't. He used his tactics on me and it just won me over LOL. He uses the ol - throw a million stupid jokes on them routine and through that he figured out what conversational topics worked on me so he mixed it up with those same topics and jokes... but eventually that wore out cause that's how he'd always start it... and i just stopped laughing cause it was the same ol shit... then i guess he freaked becuase he didn't know how else to break the ice the next time he saw me so he immediately would stop trying or he'd hear something else someone would talk to me about and he'd ask me about the same damn thing and the same damn questions... so i would have respond because i just got done talking about it with the person he over heard.

      See how it drives me nuts.

    • Intelligent answer...:)

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