Touchy and close whilst breaking up, is it weird?

my boyfriend and i broke up a month and a bit ago, when we were breaking up, it felt like we were still a couple. we were sitll so close, and touchy and we even kissed each other?

is this weird?


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What Guys Said 1

  • It isn't weird at all but its not good eighter. This will make it impossible to get over him if you dont stop.

    • nah haven't spoken to him since then.. just the fact when we were breaking up was being sitll so close and touchy thats all

    • Was that before or after the breakup? If it was after then that was probably not to feel the pain but this will intensify the feelings rather then talking.

      If it was before then there must have been a good reason for it otherwise go get him back if you want haha.

    • it was whilst breaking up.

What Girls Said 1

  • It is weird. However, I've been in a similar situation. Because we were breaking up, I decided, what the hell, I want to sleep with you again. So I told him what I want. And we did, but it's quite awkward afterwards. Although, what the hell. Proper good bye.


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