Girlfriend and I got caught and I have been depressed for days, please help (Girls)?

My girlfriend and I got caught by her parents, who said she wasn't aloud to date. She might be getting sent to cyber school and I think her parents will make her end it.
I have been in a deep depression for days, and today it got so bad I just laid in bed all day, wondering what to do...
So girls what do you think I should do?


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  • Give her and her parents space. You wouldn't want to make things worse with them. I'm sorry that happened, I hope things get better for you guys :(

    • Today I saw her walking down the street, so I talked to her and she said she lied so good that her parents didn't even ground her. I was so relieved, that I broke right out of my funk. Her birthday is coming up soon, so be sure to look for that question in the dating section

    • Aw, I'm glad things are going good :)

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  • Wait for something to happen.


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  • Thats horrible parenting.


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