What are the major signs an ex wants you back?

what are the usual signs an ex wants you back? is drunk dialing an indicator?


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  • I would NOT take drunk dialing as a serious sign of interest. It sounds more like someone who is trying to get some easy booty.

    • last time we talked, months ago, I specifically told him never to call me for that

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    • I mean I want to talk to him but not if he's only calling me to hook up

    • Yeah, unfortunately there's no surefire way to know what his intentions were. You could contact him yourself if you wanted to and see where things go.

      I mean, it's not something I would probably do... I tend to think that people break up for very good reasons, and that those reasons will almost always resurface if the relationship is attempted again. But that's just me. :-)

  • He or she texts u saying they miss u, if they look at u and keep starring at u with a smile, or they stalk you.


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