Men... if you have a new woman living with you, would you have ANY reason to contact your ex or stop by her home to say hi?

We have a bit of history... it wasn't like we dated for a few months... more like years, and lived together. No children together. So please help me understand why in God's name he is texting me and more so, why he stopped at my house to say hi. Oh yeah and we've been broken up for close to a year.


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  • Because he is looking to reconnect or thinks he might be able to have sex with you again.

    • Hmmm... so the new chick isn't enough for him? He wants sex from me too, possibly? Ugh... :(

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    • "Large and real" OK there you go , hell I wish I was coming around to see you too! ;)

    • Haha... yep. :).

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  • To rub it in.

    • For what reason? He ended it.

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    • If he felt he was owed a form of revenge, and never got it, he could hold on to a grudge this long.

    • I suppose that could be true... idk...

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