After 14 months.. I ended my 'long distance relationship 2 hours ago. I grew tired of the emotional highs & lows. How to be just happy me again?

We began by living in a reasonably close proximity to each other. Without a word, he moved 4 1/2 hours away for business reasons. Eventually I found out about the move. I tried to accept the distance apart., We were very happy when we occasionally saw each other. However, Lack of communication, trust, attention, affection & love, just left me feeling like shit.


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  • Find something you like doing. And do that. A hobby. Travel to someplace that's on your bucket list. Make yourself a more awesome 'you'.

    • Good start. Yoga is the hobby I want to check out. I have a weeks holiday at a beach house in oct with a girl friend. Thank you.

    • Hell yeah, that sounds great. Have fun.

    • The affirmation, 'make yourself an awesome you' is gold!!! Make that a personal goal!!! Thanks again.

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  • It's alright. I have a very similar story with the guy I was betrothed to in Kentucky. He kicked me to the curb after receiving my care package, saying "you're causing me guilt," because he wanted to pursue something with his ENGAGED friend. Kind of stupid. I felt like shit for a while because he was sooooooo Christian (or so it seemed) and he did this to me while claiming to walk in the name of Christ... reminded me why I converted away from Bible-beaters to the Catholic Church...

    • I hope you are ok? I am not a fan of god botherers or long distance relationships!!! They are bull shit!!! Thanks for your time.

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    • Oh & I followed you by the way so you could get a point. :)

    • I joined this site yesterday. So I'm not with you about following and getting a point?

      I was suspicious & found an online paper trail to back up my thoughts that the guy I was seeing was not as honest & nice as he portrayed. What I read indicates a player!!!

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  • I would've done the same thing

    • I have tried to nicely cut him loose on several occasions. He just wouldn't give up. Thanks for your reply.

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