Am I wrong for trying to get his attention?

My ex has a new girl, but I know he still has feelings for me... ill try to be flirty and even say dnt u miss my kisses he will say "I liked your bad kisses lol" ... I want us to spend time together but he told that girl about me and now she. doesn't want us hanging out anymore but he said he wld have a talk with her.. I honestly dnt think he really knows what he wants but am I wrong for. trying to pursue him knowing he has a gf? To me though if he's telling her about me doesn't that mean something? N last time he told me he didn't go out with her because he felt "tired" I feel maybe he's not that into her but idk... shld I continues to fight? Or am i wrong?
I shld add when we are together he has kissed me before even after telling me had a gf..


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  • Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Stay away, it will make him miss you more. Otherwise you are going to be perpetually locked in this love triangle. Love triangles always badly.

    • To me tho I feel if I distance myself he's going to think of the other. girl more.. from all this do you think he still has something for me.. if he is considering talking to her about how he hangs out with his ex and even tho she doesn't feel comfortable he still feels we cld still hangout he'd told me before..

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    • Best friends put best friends first, not second or third... He is placing himself first, then his new GF second an you third. We can debate the order of things all night, it doesn't make it not a triangle... Loss is part of life, finding a better person for you is what you owe yourself.

    • God showed me this after my baptism... You are a giver and deserve o have another giver, not a taker... Divine Wisdom dictates there are three kinds of relationships. The first is inhabited by two takers, short lived at best. When one or the other is done taking it is over. The second relationship is inhabited by a taker an a giver. It can go on for a very long time. The taker will take as long as the giver can give. The giver needs to be given to or they will eventually be sucked dry. This relationship is doomed to failure due to the fact it is unequally balanced. The last relationship is inhabited by two givers, HEAVEN on earth. Two people trying to out give each other. If you are not in a relationship that consists of two givers then I suggest you keep looking for the right relationship, it will save you a bunch of heart ache...

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