I'm sooooooo confused. Help please?

day on the fourth and completely ignored me and acted like I didn't exist. I found him at one of his friends houses at a party and asked him to come talk to me on the side. He said no. So I let all my anger and frustration out on him in front of all of his friends because I honestly do feel he treats me poorly at times. He's so upset at me still for this amongst other things. I left Sunday night like he asked me too because we couldn't seem to get along. I haven't heard from him since. Its Tuesday now. I love him to death and want to come home so bad but I don't know how to fix the embarrassment I caused him or if he even wants me anymore?
Sorry. The first part is supposed to say my boyfriend and I just moved in together. The day before the fourth he started an argument with me and kept it going into the fourth.
It just showed up in my email reminding me of this post being a year old. I was asked to update, unfortunately my boyfriend passed away in a car accident August 2nd, 2014.


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  • If you haven't already... apologize for it... if you guys aren't meant to be then you aren't. If he doesn't feel the same way then don't force if because he's not worth it... This is something miniscule... but he'll let you know what he feels... Good Luck!!!

    • My problem is though is I do believe he is very bipolar and he's also very insecure and I feel I've made that worse. I love him more than anything but he tries to press my buttons it seems at times to push me away?

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    • I guess I should explain some more as well. All his friends when we first met said he has never acted the way towards a girl like he does to me. He went as far as to change his number and get a phone without internet because of some of the things I caught him doing in the beginning and he admitted a lot of that was because he was scared of us. And now he's trying to push me out of his life. How can he change so much for me then decide to try and push me away? Even with some of the problems we have had.

    • maybe you guys aren't meant for each other really the only way for you to know it to talk to him.. I'm sorry but there's nothing I can really say I have to go :( update this when you call him.

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  • give him time to cool off. a few years into dating my bf we got into a huge fight over something so pathetic anyways he told me to not come back so i went to my mothers. and he wouldn't talk to me for like a week but he did eventually. Sometimes they just need the distance to take a break. Best thing for you to do is give him space and time and then apologize for blowing up. and i understand blowing up i blow up like theirs no tomorrow. But sometimes you need to apologize. and as for what he did what did he do? Is it worth getting up set over you have to ask your self that. Relationships suck. :(

    • I do believe he is bipolar and I know that he's insecure. He also plays the victim. He starts a fight with me and then tries to get me to take the blame for everything. I've noticed he's a control freak in a sense. But I'm not going to give up on him because everyone else has. Even with these downfalls he's an amazing guy. But just needs someone to prove that to him. I've lost my temper a few times and he NEVER forgets anything bad I've ever said to him which is part of the problem.

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    • Should I continue waiting for him to contact me though?

    • give it a week and after that contact him if he hasn't contacted you yet.

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