Swear I am going insane? Please help?

My ex broke up with me a few months ago. Said he was too busy for a relationship.

Today he told me he didn't care what I did in regards to ignoring him or what not.

I knew I was starting to annoy him and I felt guitly because I normally only text once a week and this time it was four times. Plus he says stupid things when he is tired and he sounded tired.

I cried and yet I still like him. I don't want to! I want to hate him! I want to push him away! Yet he tortures me!

How do I make this stop?


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  • That is just awful he's made you feel this way.. these things are never easy to deal with (understatement I know).

    I would recommend getting rid of the things that remind you of him in hopes of thinking about him less. Perhaps spending time outside, at the park, the local pool, other things outdoors. Maybe talk with your close friends that can comfort you. People that are fun to be around and make you laugh is always good.

    I have a very dear friend in a similar situation. If it will help I don't mind asking what she is doing to cope with things for you.

    • I will try. I have them hidden away. Every time I try to look at them, I start crying.
      I go swimming and jogging but my friends are always swimming.

      I am dear? Awe.
      Noblesse + icantwait = <3

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    • I picked you cause you gave some good advice.

      It was not biased.

    • I appreciate that, especially being unbiased about it. Thank you ^_^

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  • If you want to push him away then why are constantly contacting him?
    And you say that he is torturing you yet again it's you who is initiating contact.

    This doesn't add up.

    Every time you contact him you just set yourself up for disappointment once again. Delete his number and start focus on other things.

    • I know what I am doing is wrong and I am an idiot.

      But even when I don't contact him, he contacts me.

      I memorized his number.

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    • I will. Thanks.

    • Actually yes abzence is correct. This is a very typical thing for someone to do for their ego.

  • Learn how to meditate. Took me 2 months to master it. Loosen the connection of your frontal lobes and your ampulla from your cerebellum, should make your emotions go away for months, maybe indefinitely. In a week, I could numb out all emotion, all feelings, you don't even feel here anymore, but you function like a robot. You also don't feel a thing.

    • Interesting. I will look in to it!

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    • Well what is the meditation called?

    • It's something that you make up as you go along.

  • I know what you mean, me and my ex went through something like that. Like you want to hate that person with all your guts but yet again when you think of it you just can't help it and call. Honestly, try to challenge yourself by saying that if you could try not to contact him for a week, text him or call him once, after that try going for two weeks and three and soo on. It helps, my ex just broke up with me and im really trying my best to stop bugging her. Hopefully you get through it, best of luck.!

  • fuck his best friend , that will get to him the most ;)

    • no. I am never going to do that.

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  • Don't contact him for at least 4 weeks! By then he will of contacted you, if not you will feel better about the situation x

  • How long have y'all been dating?

    • We dated for four months. He left me back in March.

    • That's not very long at all.

    • I don't care! I just want to stop being in love with him!!

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