What did he mean by it? Why would he do that to me?

So my ex bf told my best friend this after i gave up on him. She was trying to hook us up but he only told her what he felt for me. He has a bad past with girls. All his ex's have cheated in him or play him dirty. So long story short i try to be the one that he can trust and know i won't hurt him but i ended up getting hurt. He is a awesome guy but just never really told what he felt. He told my best friend he was crazy in love with me and i forever will be the best he ever had. Also I'm too good for him. But the last thing he said to her was this that he isn't trying to be with anyone else and he would be solo for the rest of his days and it should be that way to pay for what he did to me. He also said There is no bother searching anymore because I know they won't be anyone better. He also say i pray she finds someone better than me. What did he mean?


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  • It's a Hail-Mary. A last ditch effort. He's desperate and has no other card to play. Really just natural human reaction to the situation. Not a bad play using the best friend channel either. But it doesn't necessarily mean he is insincere. If he only cheated once with one woman, I'd give him "one" and only one more shot. If you care to. Good luck Checkers!


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