After I broke up with my BF, he tries to get more and more intimate! What does it mean? Is he trying to have me back? or what?

After I told him that this relationship is over, first he denied it! But after awhile he knew that it was a real breakup and now he is getting more intimate as he was never before!!

PS. I am still in love with him! But because our relationship was mostly physical, I broke up with him. And I think he knows the reason of this breakup.
He says I am his best sex by the way!!


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What Guys Said 1

  • I think you do need to leave him and move on. He only wants you for the sex, that's why he's begging you back for it. He doesn't want you.. he wants your body.

    Time to move on and find a guy that wants more than just your body.

    • You are right, I accept this!
      But I think we are so perfect for each other... Don't you think there is a way to make him love me back?
      He has commitmentfobia and I think this is that mainproblem!! But I am sure he enjoys spending time with me!

    • you got it wrong.. if you were so perfect for each other, than #1 you wouldn't have to break up with him. #2 he would be LOVING you like he should...

      So don't say it's perfect because then you are lying to your self and making excuses to not leave him and move on. There is NOTHING perfect about a guy wanting you only for your body and nothing more.

      But hey if you want to be one of those and want to get used a bit more.. then please go ahead and take him back!

What Girls Said 1

  • Just because you r his best sex does not mean he wants to be with you outside of the bedroom. Sounds like you have let him know how you feel and he is still just wanting to be physical time to move on. You sound like you are more into him than he is you which means he has the upper hand. A bit of advice STOP being physical with him and if he is still wanting you then give him a second chance.


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