Men, why would you send sexual innuendo texts to your ex girlfriend if you have another woman living with you?

My ex came to see me last week and met the cat I recently rescued. He keeps sending me texts asking if I'm "playing with my pussy"? He has also texted me about how tight I was and how fast I made him c$m. Really? What is the reason for him texting me sexually, or at all, for that matter? Is his new chick not "doing it" for him?


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  • No, i don't send sexual text messages to any ex-girlfriend's
    but seriously any guy does that has issues big time to you
    know what he is doing is considered sexual harassment
    and harassment by communications you could get him
    big time in trouble with the police , what he is doing carry's
    a jail sentence of 6 months - year + plus fines of $372.00 +


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  • Just tell him to get lost or the police can help him to.

    • I have told him the texts are not appreciated and he should be texting his live in.

    • Yeah, tell the mother fucker to step away

  • Yeah stay away. Whatever his intentions are they aren't good. Do you need that in your life?

    • I agree... it's not cool. I told him as much. We have many years of history...

  • your pussy just better than hers LOOOL


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