Have you ever thought an ex may come back To you?

I'm currently doing the no contact thing with my ex she has slept with other people quite quick after the break up and that kinda hurt but anyway... have you ever been in the situation where you know you can't have them on fb because you keep stalking their profile? I know it's weird but I finally deleted her we still spoke after we broke up but now my last two messages have been ignored. I have my suspicions for the reason of the break up. It wasn't a bad breakup either certain situations got in the way (or so I'm told) but I don't know wet her to completely cut her off in the fear of her realising maybe she made a. mistake and we try again? But if I ignore her and just stop talking am I giving off a wrong signal? She nah change her mind but think I'm not interested and so won't pursue it... I've heard of exs getting together again and it made them even stronger. Am I being strange? I known exs are an ex for a reason but the break up wasn't bad no arguing no bad words said nothing
Sorry for the mistakes. Smart phone trying to be too smart haha... predictive


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  • It's strange, but I guess it isn't since a lot of people still have contact sexual or not with an ex or end of getting back together. I don't know too many where they felt stronger than ever. She seems to be trying to move on if she isn't responding to your messages. You should do the same.

    • Makes sense just don't wanna make a mistake but I guess that's all I can do. Thanks for your help

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