What did he mean when he said that? And why did his actions kind of say otherwise?

I've known this guy for about 5 years (let's call him Alm).
We met my 7th grade year were on and off again until he went to High school. During his 10th grade year, he didn't talk. At all.
When I got to high school, we started talking again and then started dating again.
This lasted 6 months. We're really stubborn and stressed people and so we fought quite a bit but we always talked it out and things would be pretty good. At the end of the relationship, everything was actually really nice and then we got into a little fight and he told me he was just stressed out and apologized for how he was acting and I told him I loved him and I'm always here, blah blah. Then he turned it around and kept saying "it's not the same anymore". The next morning, he was crying and I guess he threw up before he got to school and told me it wasn't the same anymore and I asked if he still loved me and he just looked away and shook his head. (He can't look at me when he lies which makes me question it) Then, I was really upset, I went to talk to his mom (we're pretty close) and I asked if she knew anything and she told me that that morning he said maybe we needed a restart and everything and that she was as confused as I was and she was sure he'd be back that weekend or so.
Guess not. He told everyone he fell out of love with me and has been flirting with girls. Here's the annoying thing though. He kept checking my social media (Facebook , Snapchat, twitter, etc) and keep a leading these girls on, making them think that he wants to date them and then just kinda stops talking to them.
I know I probably seem like an idiot but... I mean the way he looked at me... he's never looked at anyone like that. I miss him a lot and its incredibly hard to move on... Please, be brutally honest with me. Do you think that maybe he just got stressed and said some bs? Or that I still have a chance? Thanks guys.


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  • Wow you're so young this isn't easy to diagnose. However, I will do what I can.

    He probably just wants to spread his wings. Maybe he truly just isn't interested in you anymore but he wants to transition into a new relationship before folding his hand. Youth=don't know what you want.

    Every guy/girl always checks social media before/during/after a relationship. The after is to make sure your miserable too, or hey look what I got now kinda thing. Know what I'm saying? Million fish in the sea girl. C'mon now. Never put all your eggs in one basket.

    You're young, let this be a lesson if nothing else to not take things personally. In other words, don't let it affect the way you view who you are. He doesn't mean it that way, so if it's over it's just over and that's it. Nothing more.


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