Is texting your ex back when you're trying to do no contact stupid? How do you know if NC is the right thing to do?

My boyfriend broke up with me 2 weeks ago and I'm trying everything to get him back the right way... hence apparently doing no contact. I had been doing it since he broke up with me but last week he texted me out of the blue this thing about how hard it still was to listen to country songs and with our song he always has to turn off... I dont know what that means, if he's missing me, if he's just having a hard time but isn't rethinking the break up or if he actually maybe is? I did end up responding to it later that night:( We were in a long distance relationship and we still have things of each others, he comes back often. But I dont know if I should text him about his things or not, I haven't heard anything about mine. How do you know if NC is actually going to work? I want to do anything to get him back and I feel like since he texted me first maybe texting each other casually might be the better thing to do than NC? I dont want to screw anything up or make it worse, this means everything to me. Is no contact going to work, should I keep doing it? Or is there a better approach with our situation maybe? I'd appreciate any advice!
ps- should I give him back his stuff and ask for mine sooner rather than later even if Im doing NC?


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  • He made the first contact attempt post break-up.

    Batter up girl. It's all you now.

    Don't worry about the stuff unless it is paramount to your existence. Wait that out until it is truly over. Which it isn't.


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