When an ex contacts you over something trivial?

We were broke up for 6 days when he texted me about a plastic container he has of mine. A very silly thing I could care less about getting back. His exact words were 'you want your container back?' I replied, No thanks and went back to NC. Was this a way for him just to contact me or was he being nice about the cheap container? There has been no contact since that day, broken up for 10 days now.


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  • Im sure he was looking for a way to meet ya again to try a rapprochement. If ya wanted him back, ya just missed a good chance.

    • Why do people play games? If he wanted to talk all he had to say was he would like to get together and talk. I thought no contact meant no contact? Oh well.

    • stupid I know. maybe he didn't want to be too obvious. your ex must be one of those proud guys.
      let him know ya interested in have that plastic thing back, and meet him.
      he could be more direct but, well, thats not his way I guess

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  • Clearly reaching out to gauge your response and see if there is a chance or just to contact you.
    I have had an ex that several times, even more than a year after, contacted me to let me know information that was beyond unimportant.
    You haven't heard the last from him.

    • He is going through a nasty divorce and is an emotional mess, so I am not holding my breath on hearing from him. I figure if I meant anything to him then yes he will make a move, if not--then I did the right thing by breaking up. Thanks

    • You are doing the right thing. Hope things work out for you :-)

  • He's probably very upset and would like to give you the container in order to see you, and not necessarily talk, but probably bring it up and ask you why such and such in an attempt to get over, or get you back.


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  • Maybe he was the "container"?

    • No lol it was a cheap plastic container I let him take some pie home in. (=

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