Texted her after a while of NC, got a pleasant response?

The break up wasn't necessarily over us. She wanted to be home near family a few hours away. Life was kinda of pulling us in different directions. She got into a relationship real fast which hurt. We were together a long time. We clearly had feelings for each other still. I won't go into what was said. I had to break away because I couldn't handle it and it was pushing us further apart. Took time for myself, thinking about any problems and how to better myself for a strong relationship if it did happen again. Also just to take care of me. I reached out in a positive way. something reminded me of her and a funny and happy memory. after a couple of months of NC, to my surprise got a pleasant response. She even seemed a bit curious about me and what was going on with me. I figured I'd get nothing as she wouldn't want to disrespect the current guy. I have a very guarded optimism... im not waiting, somebody great may come along and I'm doing me ofcourse but, also still have deep feelings for her. we shared a lot and marriage was in the picture. I guess that can't be a bad sign right?


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  • You're not going to get back together if that's what you're thinking

    • Lol, why would you say that?

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    • Yea... she kinda felt it was long... for her I guess. She was really confused and and had some issues when she went back. Honestly I know it's for the best. She has to figure things out and do what's best for her. If it's meant it will be. thanks for the kind words

    • As for the reason... well with us anyway I knew and learned. People that do hook back up without addressing problems are doomed.

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  • I wouldn't take it as a sign of interest or possibility. If she is happy right now, she probably has put any negative thoughts about you to the back of her mind and is interacting with you in a way that reflects the positive way she feels right now with her life.

    • Yea I'm not delusional. Like the other guy said... maybe down the road at somepoint.

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  • Maybe down the road at some point. But not now. Anonymous summed it up perfectly. I just wanted to let you know that you have a great and healthy outlook and you're going to be just fine brotha. Too bad there aren't more people out there who feel the same.


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