Boyfriend's Brother. What is this kind of feeling?

I had a crush on my boyfriends brother in the past. I never told anyone about it and nothing ever happened between us. Not only was it his attractive looks but the things we had in common that made me like him. The crush I had on him faded away shortly after. A couple years later he moved in with my boyfriend and I. The feelings reappeared a month after he moved in. Once again never told anyone never made a move on him. Once he started dating a girl my feelings slowly faded away. The feelings stayed away for a very long time. It was as if I had forgotten feelings for him even existed until now. I have a strange feeling something is up with my boyfriend and his girlfriend lately I just can't figure it out exactly what's going on. I love my boyfriend with all my heart we've been through so much together and I even admitted used to be attracted to his brother but it stopped. We've been so faithful open and honest with eachother for years until he met this girl. He's been kinda distant secretive and shady. It's been making me feel scared and nervous. Don't think I'm over thinking this I just don't feel like bringing up the details of suspicions I have about them. In the middle of this craziness my confusing unexplainable feelings for his brother started a day or two ago. I still love my boyfriend so much and I'm scared to loose him but at the same time with all that's going on that's screwing up my mind his brother has been cheering me up through a social networks and he really has no idea he's helping through the most depressing time of my life. It's weird everytime I see his name pop up in my notifications it makes me forget about all that's going on. I don't even know if he's suspicious of his girlfriend and his brother because you'd think that if he did he would talk to me about it since clearly we're going through this together. I'm pretty much alone in the situation. I'm lost I don't know what to do.


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  • I hate to say it, but if your suspicions have any credence to them, you are all the four of you in big, big trouble. I'm talking the perfect storm trouble. Freakin' category F5 hurricane trouble. Your pets will desert the apartment as their natural instincts will kick in and have warned them of the looming disaster. Then they will talk to your neighbors pets and soon the whole complex will be migrating up to the hills. FEMA will be late as usual though.

    All jokes aside... this is another toughy. My first instinct is to tell you either kick his brother out of the apartment or you two need to move. Whenever the dust settles on this one if your still with your man, you can never, ever live with the brother again. Unless you've married him and he and his brother (your current boyfriend are estranged). Complicated. I know. You guys somehow got to here though.


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