I met up with my ex BF- I need feedback?

So my ex of 7 mos that broke up with me but has made it obvious over the last two weeks that he wants to test the waters again. We have plans to hang out on Saturday and tonight I went to his cocktail party. He was very attentive, giving me smiles and dreamy looks all night. After the party, a group were all going out to a local lounge and he asked if I wanted to go (I went). He sat with me and bought me a drink and food. His focus was definitely on me but it was weird because a lot of the guys there were openly hitting on me and handing me their cards. When I had to leave he drove me to the train station, got out of the car, gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek, said he had fun and asked me if we were still on for Saturday. Ok, thoughts?


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  • I don't understand the problem. If you're giving him the chance to test the waters out again but you're wondering about other guys possibly then you're not being fair to him and you're not giving him 100 percent. If you feel like it won't work out with him then don't see him again. A curious mind can be a damaging one for both ways.

    • No I meant that they were hitting on me in front of him and it was just awkward. I wasn't interested in them but I noticed he was annoyed, that's all. My question was to get feedback on his behavior.

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    • My thoughts exactly. Thanks for the advice:)

    • Good luck :)

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  • So the other guys hitting on you and handing you business cards didn't make him get jealous or say anything to them or you? That's a red flag in my opinion. If he cared about you, he would have stepped in and stopped it or at the least told you he didn't appreciate all the men coming on to you in front of him. Sounds strange to me.

    • Were not officially a couple so he has no claims on me right now. We are in the beginning stages of possibly starting things up again so according to the outside world, we are friends. He would have been out of line if he told these guys to step off...

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