Why Do you think my Ex blocked me on Facebook?

Me and my ex were dating for 8 months and already living together. We had a couple of arguments here or there but never anything major, we went golfing with some friends, apparently I am not as affectionate as some of my friends. The next day she starts asking me if I'm Happy? Because she says that she's not. She feels like I'm pushing her away and that every time we were with my friends it seemed like to her that I was ashamed of her. I tried telling her I wasn't had a conversation and she says she has a lot of mixed feelings and needs Time and Space, and that she wants me to think about whether I really want her and her daughter in my life. First two weeks its very hot and cold one day she's texting me telling me she misses me and the next when I do the same she either ignored me or she'd say she needed more space. The week after, she text me a couple times "hey" "good night" "i miss scaring you" and I ignored her. Third day she says "good night again" about 30 mins later I still hadn't replied and she she comes at me with "So what are we not talking anymore?" (In my head I'm thinking I thought this is what you wanted?) but I waited and simply responded that I was busy and told her to sleep well. So week 4 rolls along and she texts asking if she can use my HBOGO account, we texted back and forth about Game of Thrones for the night. That was about two weeks ago and that's the last time we had talked about two and half weeks ago... Over that time period she liked a couple of my pictures I posted on Facebook. Yesterday I like a couple of pictures she he had posted and then she blocked me... I really don't know whats going on either, Did I do something wrong? Did she do because she doesn't want me to contact her or because she doesn't want to contact me? I guess time and space means Facebook and social media too.


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  • Time and space usually means no contact as that violates the "space" part.

    But it is hypocritical that she can 'like" your posts. But you can't do the same.

    Personally if I were you. As she is the one asking for time and space, do not contact her unless she contacts you first. The ball is in her court.

    But that being said, I wouldn't sit around waiting for her to decide. Go out with your friends or whatever you did when single. If someone should happen to come along in the mean time. Well, I wouldn't feel guilty about pursuing her.


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  • Consider yourself Lucky that she has 'Blocked' You, sweetie... She sounds as though she has emotional issues, Confused herself, can't hang on to a relationship, has baggage to boot... You don't Need All of That in your simple life.
    Stay away from her. I see a pattern of here today and gone tomorrow, mixed up rumbling redrick. Even if you would shack up again right now, she will do the same thing, more holes in a row. On top of being fickle as a pickle, she is this fruit loop, starting to play head games with your head and heart. No clowning around, she is not wrapped all that tight.
    Do yourself a Big favor and tell her game's over. Tell her "Take your Time and Space, I am moving on."
    The only 'Wrong' doing I see is that you picked this faulty female out of a bag of 'Other girls that are out there' in these clubs. Take your pick of another.
    Good luck. xx

  • U will find out when she contacts u... She sounds a little childish (and she has kids? what happened with the dad?) and needs to put herself together..

    • They broke up because he used to cheat on her and he hit her several times. Her brother and aunt finally convinced her to break it off I guess. Before she and started dating she had been single for over a year. They still talk because the little girls dad gets to see her every other weekend. And have some kind of rotation for holidays. - I dont think I ever mistreated her or disrespect her. One of your last arguments was because, since we lived together I asked if it was okay that i went to play slowpitch in my hometown i told her I might not come home if I drank and that i would stay at my rents. Said sure you dont have to ask me. when I told her that the reason i asked was caused we lived together and that I wouldn't in the Future. she then came back and said so are you going to do this every weekend? What about when were married? I laughed and said you just told me not to ask what do you want? She just said Okay your Right and went to the room.

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    • That sounds like a game to me. I've never been good at picking up on signals but I have no problem listening. When a GF or EX has told me what they want or like I just do it. I wish I was better at these guessing games. I would really like to sit down somewhere and just talk to her again even if we never get back together I'll I want is the truth... was there another guy? did she feel pressured in anyway? did I do or not do something. All I've gotten out of her for 7 weeks are "hey" "good night" I need more space, I miss you, I need time, Im confused, etc. I just want to say dont worry about hurting my feelings and tell me the truth damn it.

    • Have u tried talking to her recently? Go ahead if u can, maybe its not as bad as u think…

      Sounds like u just failed to get her…when she tells u to stay away she probably doesn't mean it, maybe she's just mad that u didn’t spend enough time with her. so if u really go ahead and leave her alone…she’ll be very upset

      when she says she misses u that’s a definitely signal that she wants u to talk to her, so if u ignore her she’ll get upset again and then stops talking to u as a punishment… what she really wants could be the opposite,

      I can see this going round and round

      she just wouldn't tell u straight what she really wants but expects that u can get it. so if u r not good at getting it it’ll be tiring for sure…

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  • It sounds like she's playing games with you to be honest. I would just not contact her in any way for a while and she how she responds. If you hear nothing from her then I would just move on.


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