Is he blowing smoke or is he serious?

My now ex boyfriend sent messages with another woman planning on when to meet and screw. Well she apparently "felt bad" about it and sent me snapshots of all the messages after she found out he had been in a relationship for 7 months. I didn't believe her so I asked him if it was true he admitted to it I broke up with him. Well he kept his date to screw her for a few hours he was even trying to get with her, He was telling her he's not messed up about it because he was preparing for the breakup just waiting for it to happen also that she was closer so he would prefer to be with her because she was in an area he went to alot. She sent me the snapshots for that to. About 5 hours after the break up he called me telling me he is sorry that he deleted then blocked her. That he was just seeing what she would say if he brought up screwing. He said there is still trust in the relationship and it can be saved, But I don't trust him what so ever if I do end up getting back with him it will take a LONG time to trust him again. Started telling me he was about to cry that when I broke it off with him, he saw his world come crumbling down then his life flashed before his face. Also how all he could think about was me after I told him its over how he wanted to just cuddle up to me because I became his best friend... Is he blowing smoke or is he serious?


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  • It sounds to me like he wanted her, but when she realized he was cheating on you or planning to, she lost interest. When things blew up, he tried to choose her, but she rejected him, and now he's trying to patch it up with you.


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